We will carry out public consultation at key points in the project programme, seeking feedback, views and opinions on the design. Dates and venues will be advised at each of these stages. We will also publish the summary findings here.

Gogarloch / South Gyle Parking Restrictions


As the West Edinburgh Link  project nears completion of its latest design stage we wish to consult with residents of Gogarloch and South Gyle estates. This consultation regards measures to protect residents streets from potential increases in commuter parking due to the proposed removal of parking on South Gyle Crescent. 

The impact of removing all parking from this road could increase the amount of commuter parking on residential streets in Gogarloch and South Gyle. We are offering local residents two options for the restriction of parking and are posting an information pack to those affected in early January explaining these in detail. Residents can reply via a FREEPOST envelope provided their pack, or through the online survey below.

The project team will also attend the Corstorphine Community Council on 21st January at 18 Kirk Loan, EH12 7HD from 7pm to discuss the proposals and options.

Street Maps of Options

To assist with the filling out of the online survey we have provided localised maps of the proposed options on each street. Find your street below:

Online Survey

The survey will close on Friday 14th February 2020

Concept Design Engagement

We have now completed the Concept Design consultation for the project which ran from 15th March to 10th May and included:

  • Presenting at 4 Community Council meetings
  • 8 ‘meet the team’ events at various locations, including Gyle Shopping Centre, Westside Plaza, Gogarloch and South Gyle Crescent
  • Distribution of 15,000 leaflets to residents and the public at drop- in events
  • Dedicated project website and online survey


Consultation Summary

  • 49,000 people reached through Facebook and tweets seen 121,500 times on Twitter
  • 432 online surveys were completed
  • 4,500 hits on the project website
  • 900 comments received through online or face- to- face discussion
  • Overall, there is an 84% level of support/ strong support for the project

The summary report provides a more detailed look at the information presented and collected.

Next steps

Having reviewed the information provided throughout the consultation period, the team is now commencing on a period of further design and development. It is anticipated that this will carry through to the winter, at which time further public consultation will be arranged. Specific consultation may be arranged with relevant stakeholders over the coming months to assist in the design process.

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