Project details

We aim to deliver new walking and cycling improvements within the project area: Glasgow Road, South Gyle, Bankhead, Sighthill, Wester Hailes and Clovenstone.

Our proposals include new segregated cycleways, crossings and path improvements.

In October 2021, the Council undertook a budget review which resulted in the deferral of the Northern section of the WEL route until 2025 or until further funding becomes available. In addition, layout and design changes have been proposed for the rest of the route.

The final scheme scope and designs are now available to view below.

Our Objectives

→  High quality infrastructure to support everyday walking and cycling journeys for all abilities

→   Make streets and public spaces people friendly

→   Create an inclusive environment with access for all

→   Support multi-modal sustainable transport

→   Reinforce and support the continued thriving business function of the area.

Proposed designs

We’ve divided the route into two areas (Central and South) to help you understand our plans. This map shows the route planned for delivery 2023/24.

The main cycle route proposed will provide major new links in Edinburgh’s cycle network.

The designs shown may be subject to change as we move through each phase of the project.

Central Section

The Central Section of the project focusses on the business park extending south to Bankhead. This section provides links to workplaces, educational centres, shops, rail and tram stations as well as the Gyle shopping centre.

We’re proposing segregated on road cycle lanes wherever possible in this section with new safe pedestrian and cycle crossings.

Click the highlighted zones on the map to see and download the current detailed designs.

Southern Section

The Southern Section of West Edinburgh Link extends from Calder Road, along Wester Hails Road all the way to Lanark Road. This will provide the surrounding communities with links to workplaces, educational centres as well as greater access to shops, including the Gyle.

Here, we are proposing new at grade crossings as an alternative to the many underpasses, a kilometre of segregated cycle lanes, traffic calming, and improvements to off-road cycle and foot paths.

Click the highlighted zones on the map to see and download the current detailed designs.

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