Low Traffic Neighbourhood

A Low Traffic Neighbourhood proposal for East Craigs is being developed as part of the West Edinburgh Link project. Due to the impact of COVID-19 this has now been brought forward as a temporary intervention under the Spaces for People project. Find more information on the CEC Spaces for People programme.

Principles of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN)

  • Introduction of uni-directional segregated cycleways along Drum Brae North
  • Introduction of advisory cycle lanes on part of Drum Brae South
  • Improvements to junctions in East Craigs to make them safer for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Introduction of six road closures to general traffic, with an allowance for cycles and pedestrians to pass through in the East Craigs area including:
    • North Gyle Terrace
    • North Gyle Road
    • Craigs Gardens
    • Craigs Loan
    • Craigmount Avenue North
  • Introduction of a bus gate on Craigs Road

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Where has the proposal come from?

The proposal for this temporary intervention has been developed from the feedback we got from previous consultations with local people on the project. This highlighted rat running and speeding vehicles which made it feel unsafe to walk and cycle in the area. These messages were reinforced by traffic surveys which measured speed and volume of vehicles to identify where interventions might be best introduced. The proposal was further refined with input from a group of local residents who had previously provided feedback on the WEL project.

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Engagement & Monitoring

The Spaces for People funding from Scottish Government allows us to try out the proposals on a temporary basis and importantly, to get more feedback from local residents. This feedback will be used to inform the next steps of the WEL project. We’ll be engaging with the local community (adhering to physical distancing guidelines) on the temporary measures when they are implemented. We’ll notify residents when these start and results of this will be shared publicly.

We will of course monitor the streets to assess the temporary measures which will help to create safer streets for walking, wheeling and cycling during the current covid-19 pandemic

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